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G.P. Da Palestrina: Missa Brevis

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The Missa Brevis first appeared in G.P. da Palestrina Third Book of Masses (1570) and in all probability was written about the year 1558. The thematic origin of this mass is not […]


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The Lady in Black

Bach’s Chaconne! I had been going crazy for hours on the keys of my Estonia 225 to try to refine the 94-96 bars, those where Busoni, reversing the melodic passage, divides the […]


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The story of ‘Spem in Alium’, a 40 parts motet by Thomas Tallis

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In 1567, the city of London welcomed the visiting Italian musician and nobleman Alessandro Striggio. He stunned the London musical scene with a performance of his motet Ecce Beatam Lucem, written for the […]


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Romuald Twardowski: When the new and the old become original


Romuald Twardowski was born in Vilnius in 1930. During years of occupation he studied the violin, after the war piano and organ. Between 1946-1950 he was an organist in various Vilnius churches. […]


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Dossier on the Renaissance Choral Music

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Dossier: The Renaissance in music occurred between 1450 and 1600. (Some historians place the beginning of the Renaissance as early as 1400.) As in the other arts, the horizons of music were greatly expanded. […]